• Ipad Mini Harness

    Apple designed the Ipad to be a fully mobile solution.

    With this in mind Core security have developed the Ipad Mini Harness. By using the harness, you can secure the Ipad Mini without interfering with the mobility or any of the functions of the product.

  • The Apple TV is approximately 10cm square by 2.5cm high, which makes it an easy and desirable target for thieves.

    Core Security have developed an aesthetic mounting solution to help prevent the easy theft of these items.

  • By locking the I Pad using the Harness it allows the end user to experience what the I pad was designed for, a “fully mobile solution”

  • Aesthetic security mount for the Mac Mini • Discreet high tech security solution • Design offers ventilation, memory security and cable access

    • Allows full cable access• Allows full ventilation • Constructed in 2mm steel offering secure lightweight solution, for monitor fixing• Fixings points

  • The latest security offering from Core Security gives the end user, a professional yet aesthetic looking solution to securing

    the Apple Imac. By maximising the features the Apple Imac offers, Core security have developed the Mac Clamp.

  • Our latest Imac security device has been developed keeping security as well as the aesthetics’ of the Imac in mind.

    The easy to fit sleeve comes in two sizes which cover the 20” through to the 27” range of Imac and display units.

  • The latest Imac Security stand, has been developed offering a aesthetic yet high end security solution, for the Apple Imac range. The easy to fit stand comes in two sizes, which covers the different sizes of Imacs on offer.

    With an anti drill and tamper lock, as standard, and the ability to either fix or rotate the stand. It offers a security solution for any environment.


  • Apple’s new mac pro system has been designed with a new fantastic compact design. The product itself is both smaller and lighter than the previous mac pro.

    The Mac pro costs between £2,500.00 + £10,000 dependant on added software making the product very desirable to any wannabe thief.

    Core Security have designed a product which not only will stop any quick snatch, But will also slow down the most determined type of criminal.

    As well as being a high security locking device the Core Mac Pro Lockdown also will (prevent the unit from being knocked off the desk resulting

    in unwanted damage and cost implications)

Core Security Ltd has over 20 years of knowledge working within the IT Security Industry.

By harnessing this knowledge, we have developed a range of physical security devices for the ICT market.

Whilst offering the highest level of security and protection on the market, we use the best of British manufacturing to produce aesthetic designs to complement the machines and their working environment.

"The theft of IT equipment is costing business millions of pounds every year. Research by the Association of British Insurers revealed that in one year, the cost of all computer thefts amounted to £200 million. The majority of this equipment has never been recovered. When consequential losses are taken into account, the cost to business could amount to £1 billion per annum.

With these figures can you afford “not “to lock down your IT equipment?

We pride ourselves on specialising in all the areas of Physical IT security.

These areas cover the following:

Apple security products

PC security products

Laptop security products

Property marking

Asset Tracking

Bespoke requirements

AV security Products