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A big thank you to all at XMA , who made us very welcome. Great to catch up with the team and run through our security product range.    


Different Security Cables

Different types of laptop security slots and cables Features of the Kensington slot The Kensington security slot (also called Kensington lock or K-lock) is the most common slot found on most PCs, but also on other types of equipment such as televisions and overhead projectors. This rectangular hole measuring 7.4 x 3.2 mm is reinforced around

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AIR4000D Gaming PC

Looking to secure your Gaming PC?  Please contact us on sales@core-security.co.uk where one of our experts can assist you with your requirements. Happy to make bespoke solutions to fulfil your requirements.


Lenovo Gen 5

Core Security Ltd have developed their new security solution for the Lenovo Gen5 AIO.  Working on the already highly successful CORE Lenovo AIO solution , we have modified the solution to now work with the new Lenovo Gen5 AIO. As before the solution works by inserting the security tabs into the vents on the side

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Core Mac Mini Double Mount

Core Security Ltd have developed their Mac Mini Double Mount. This unique device allows you to sandwich the Mac Mini either between a monitor arm, or between the monitor and its stand, so giving you an all in one solution. With the cost of IT equipment on the rise, the Core-Security  Mac Mini Double Mount

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Core Nano Security Cable

The Core Nano security cable is a quick and easy anti theft deterrent. By inserting the lock into your Laptop or any other piece of equipment that has a Nano security lock slot, simply loop the cable around any immovable object to form a anchor point. The Core Nano cable is easy to transport and

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Dell Micro

We undertook a short timescale project to implement a bed management system across the Trust. Having used Core security for our existing security cages we engaged with them to design a bespoke product to secure our micro PCs. Anthony undertook a full assessment of the hardware we were installing and collaborated with our engineers to

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Laptop Security Cables

With the current cost of living climate, more people are becoming victim of theft.  Day to day items such as Laptops are an easy target for thieves, as the item can easily be carried and hidden from sight. Don’t become a victim and secure your valuable Laptop by using one of our Laptop security cables

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