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Apple Mac Security Equipment

Core-Security Ltd offer a comprehensive range of Apple Mac Security Equipment, to help prevent the loss of your expensive equipment, along with many other product solutions. As you will be aware, there is a huge problem with theft of ICT equipment across the country, with Universities,Schools and Colleges all been targeted across the country.  Unfortunately

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Iiyama Adaptor Bracket

The Core Security Iiyama adaptor bracket Designed to slide over the top of the Monitor arm of the Iiyama Monitor. The Bracket has 4 arms at the end of each arm is a hole, this gives the bracket 100mm VESA fixing points.  These fixing holes allow the end user to then attach their security mount

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Cable Trap for Lenovo M920z

One of our customers contacted Core-Security Ltd as they were concerned about losing their cables from the back of the All in One. Core-Security Ltd  came up with a solution that allows the end user to secure a cable trap via the Core Lap 6 security cable, to the back of the PC. The built in

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Security Base HP EliteOne 800

Core-Security Ltd were approached by a University who were looking to secure their HP EliteOne 800 units. After sending us the PC we came up with a base plate, that not only allowed the University to secure them to their desking. It also has the ability to secure the Keyboard & Mouse, via a keyed alike locking solution. looking

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Intel NUC Security product testimonial

We were having terrible trouble finding a suitable product to secure our NUC PCs effectively and were let down by another supplier who delivered an expensive solution which was not fit for purpose. Core-Security were able to provide a high quality security solution for much less cost with expedited delivery. As a result we were

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IMac Security

Looking for a cost effective solution to securing you Apple IMac? Look no further than the Core-Security IMac clamp kit, compared to other companies such as Kensington, this product is a much more cost effective solution. Part comes with 9mm x 1500mm cable, 50mm Keyed alike padlock, fixed loop & the Male & Female discs.

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INTEL NUC Full enclosure

If you are looking for a bespoke solution or your Intel NUC, please do contact us. We have recently been asked to supply a solution that completely covers the NUC.   cut out on the side allows for the cables to come out of the product, and also help prevents un wanted removal. contact us at

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