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Lenovo AIO on monitor arm

Core-Security Ltd were contacted by a University, who were looking to keep their Ergo monitor arms, while using the Lenovo AIO. However the solution wasn’t that straight forward, as the Ergo mount required that the Lenovo AIO and the Core-Security locking system, had a weight of just over 6KG for the monitor arm to still

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New Apple IMac clamp slim

Core-Security Ltd are pleased to introduce their New Apple IMac clamp slim solution. The Core Apple IMac clamp slim is an addition to our already highly successful clamp system, but with the base of the New Apple IMac now smaller, we have re-designed our new slim version. The Core IMac clamp slim works’s by trapping

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Ergotron Arm Weight Adaptor

Core-Security Ltd were contacted by a End User who had some Ergotron Monitor arms, and were keen to re use them. The problem however was they wanted to use the New Lenovo Gen 4 AIO solution, which meant that they had to find extra weight. Step forward Core-Security Ltd, who came up with the Ergotron

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Lenovo Gen 4 AIO

Core-Security Ltd have come out with an updated version of their Lenovo AIO security plate. As the new Lenovo AIO has changed in style with new ventilation along the rear of the AIO cable housing. Using our tried and tested design we have made some new alterations to work with the new design, our product

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Lenovo Hub Gen2

Looking for a solution to help prevent the new Lenovo Hub Gen2  from been moved around, while on a desk etc? Core-Security Ltd have launched their Lenovo Hub Gen2 bracket.  The solution has 2 fixing screws that helps secure it in place, while the cable prevents from theft.  The bracket comes with 2 circular holes

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Secure Your Mobile Device

Looking to secure your mobile device, but it has no security cable slot? Core-Security Ltd offer their I Cable. The shelf adhesive adaptor pad has a  built in Security Slot, by attaching it to the mobile device.  You can now use the Core-Security Ltd Lap6 security cable in the adaptor pad to help secure your mobile

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New MAC Pro Security Solutions

Core-Security Ltd are yet again first to market with a range of solutions to secure the New Mac Pro. We offer a layered approach to securing the New Mac Pro, that covers all types of security requirements. Please check www.core-security.co.uk to see our full range. New Mac Pro security Stand Features & Benefits Anti Theft Security Stand.

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Peripheral Security Cable Kit

The Core-Security Peripheral Security Cable Kit, has a lead time of 3- 5 days compared to weeks from other Manufactures. Lock down several items using the Core Security Peripheral Kit Kits includes 1 x 1.8m x 6mm security cable with a loop at one end 2 x Stainless steel scissor hasp sliding type 1 x

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Laptop Security Solution

Has your work location changed and you are now working away from the office? Chances are that if so your staff have been supplied a mobile solution, but have they got a security lock for it? Can you afford not to supply your staff with a security solution, that will help prevent the theft of

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