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About Us

Deter and delay is the basis for all Core Security IT security products. Visible and effective security is a key strategy in minimising theft and attempted theft and all Core Security IT security products are designed to project an obvious but discreet deterrent as well as a highly secure anti-theft solution.

All our IT security products are designed and manufactured in the UK using high-grade materials and to the highest specification. Core Security has over 20 years experience in the IT security business and we use this experience and expertise to create solutions which we know work.

We offer a range of products to suit all device types and budget and we appreciate the need to balance product effectiveness with aesthetic appeal.

We also offer bespoke solutions for new products and aways match major manufacturer products launches with new security solutions.

We work with many customers both in the UK and overseas:

Rhode Island School of Design, USA

The Mac Pro is an expensive and desirable piece of equipment. After a major investment by the Rhode Island School of Design in Mac Pros, they approached Core Security to supply an anti-theft solution which would secure the devices, allow flexible keying but retain the elegant design of the Mac

“We decided to purchase the Mac Pro enclosure from Core Security. The enclosure is extremely well engineered, rugged and secure — and simple to install onto any table or surface you desire.

They can be keyed the same, in lots or individually – your choice. It’s an elegant design — providing an unobstructed view and access to all the ports available on the new Mac Pro.

The enclosure’s design blends in very well with Apple’s new Mac Pro. Our Staff, Students and Faculty are very pleased with our decision!”

Paul Bento, Technical Manager, IT Service Operations, Rhode Island School of Design USA

Warwick University, UK

Warwick University had a collection of iMac’s at their Gibbert Hill site which they needed to secure. They contacted Core Security for an effective solution which was a good balance of looks and robustness.

“the product is exceptional in my opinion. It looks superb. Its discreet and it provides an excellent level of protection”

Mark Kennell, Head of Security Services, University of Warwick