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9mm bass kit

9mm Cable Kit

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Fixes securely to any fixing
  • Flexible solution, 1500mm cable as standard
  • Great value heary duty security solution
  • Secures two items at a time
  • Fully reusable

Product Description

Looking for a secure yet flexible solution to lock down your PC and Monitor. Well look no further than the Core Security 9mm cable kit.  Simply screw the bosses onto the back of the monitor, feed the cable through the bosses and pass the cable through the bosses. At the back of the PC remove one of the blanking plates and insert the Expansion plate, again pass the cable through the plate.

The cable can be used with a loop bracket to fix off around an immoveable object, or in some cases the cable can be passed through a hole on a desk and locked off via the 50mm padlock.

The cable comes in 1500mmm lengths as standard but other lengths are available, kit is fully reusable and comes keyed alike as standard.

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