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Remote control security cable

The Core-Security Remote cable, is a device to help keep those products such as remote controls in place. Ideal for Hotel conference rooms or Education establishments.  No more searching around for the remote control when about to do a presentation, or lesson. The product comes with 3M pads at each end that allows you to secure

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7th Generation NUC

Core-Security have launched their CS NUC 7L security mount. Core-Security have brought out a lightweight secure solution for the Intel NUC. With the Intel NUC’s small and compact size, it becomes an easy target for theft.  The CS NUC cage allows the end user to securely lock the NUC down to a back of a monitor

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Dell Security Bracket

In late 2016 we undertook a short timescale project to implement a bed management system across the Trust. Having used Core security for our existing security cages we engaged with them to design a bespoke product to secure our micro PCs. Anthony undertook a full assessment of the hardware we were installing and collaborated with

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January 4 , 2017 | Posted by Anthony Kershaw |

IMac Security Stand feedback

What can I say about these iMac Security stands? To date they have saved me about £10,000 – £12,000 in items that would have been taken. They do precisely what they were designed to do and I can’t rate them highly enough.   duncan     Mr Duncan James Facilities Manager Kender Primary School Kender Street New Cross

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Mac Pro USA

Mac Pro Rhode Island School of Design   Our institution invested a small fortune on the new cylindrical Mac Pros. Given that they would be installed in our student accessible computer labs — we needed a means of securing them.   Thus — we decided to test out Core Security Ltd’s “Mac Pro” security enclosure.

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