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Coiled kensington type security cable
Desk Anchor

Core Coiled Lapcable

Features and Benefits

  • Provides cost effective solution
  • Can be used on any item that has security slot
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Cable length 1.8mtrs as standard
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Key options Keyed Differ, Keyed Alike & Master Keyed
  • No unwanted cable taking up space
  • Optional Anchor point available
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Product Description

The Coiled kensington type security cable is a quick and easy anti theft deterrent. By insering the Lapcable into your laptop or any other piece of equipment that has a security lock slot. you then simply loop the cable around any immovable object to form the anchor point. The Lapcable is easy to transport and ideal to carry with you, providing a security solution at all times. The coiled cable is a great space saving device, as you no longer have unwanted cable taking up valuable space.

The Cable comes in the standard 6mm head or can come with the Ultra head,

6mm head offers Master, Keyed alike or keyed differ options.

Ultra comes Keyed alike only



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