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IMac 24" Silver
Secured power cablewelded rotation washerNew Apple IMac

New Apple IMac 24″ security stand

Features and Benefits

  • Aesthetic top of the range security stand
  • Secures the new power cable that comes with the new IMac
  • Offers static or rotation solution
  • Keyed alike anti drill lock as standard
  • Mouse & Keyboard cables are trapped off
  • Made in UK
  • Black & silver options standard
  • Colour options available
  • Welded base disc to help with rotation

Product Description

Core Security Ltd are pleased to offer their new security stand for the New Apple IMac 24″ security stand.

With the launch of the highly desirable, light weight and slimmer version IMac 24″ can you afford not to secure yours?

Our new security stand still takes many of our hugely successful IMac security stand benefits and blends them with the new version IMac 24″ version to give the perfect solution.  The new apple IMac 24″ security stand has a cut out at the back of the stand allowing for a smaller foot print, so doesn’t take up that all important desk space, and we still weld our lock housing to prevent the housing simply being knocked off, the corners come with welded supports to give greater strength, and prevent against leverage.

This easy to fit New Apple IMac 24″ security stand, allows the end user the option for either a static or rotating fixing, and comes with Anti drill and tamper locks as standard.  Our unique welded disc in the base helps with the rotation of the stand as it lifts the stand slightly off the surface, and offers greater protection from leverage. .

Once the stand is secured in the correct location, slide the IMac into the stand, feed cables through slot in locking disc and lock the disc off, into the welded housing in the stand.

IMac Warwick Uni

Hi Tony 

I just wanted to provide you with feedback on the iMac locks recently installed at our Gibbet Hill site. 

The product is exceptional, in my opinion.  It looks superb.  It’s discreet and it provides an excellent level of protection.  I know you have spent a considerable amount of time and money on the design so hope this feedback helps you to take the product forwards.

 I will work with the relevant University departments to encourage installation of the locks wherever iMacs are present. 

Many thanks     


Mark Kennell

Head of Security Services 

Deputy Registrar’s Office

University House

University of Warwick

Kirby Corner Road