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Stone Mini PC
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Stone Mini PC

Features & Benefits

  • Light weight solution
  • Central fixing points to spread weight
  • Keyed alike as standard
  • Easy to install
  • Space saving solution
  • Secures PC & Power pack

Product Description

The Stone Mini PC cage from Core-Security.

The Stone Mini PC Bracket, is designed to secure the new mini PC from Stone Computers.

This this new design from Core-Security not only locks the Stone mini computer down, but it also benefits from having a  built in power block housing.  This makes it a great versatile solution, as not only will is secure the Stone Mini PC & power supply.  But if its attached to the back of the monitor via its VESA fixings, it also becomes a great way of saving space.

By using the screw holes on the back of the unit, you can simply attach to the back of a monitor or attach to several surfaces.  Once screwed into place, which suits the end user best, place the Stone Mini Pc into the cage.  With the Stone Mini PC now in the cage, it covers up the fixing screws so once the front face-plate is locked off via the turnkey lock, the PC cant be moved to expose the screw heads.

Core-Security Ltd also offer another solution that has cable management built into the unit.  This is a longer version of the standard Stone Mini PC cage.  The unit has an additional space at the back that allows you to connect all required cables such as keyboard & Mouse etc, into the back of the PC.  The cables then all come out of a cut out on the side of the unit, this means that ihe cables are protected against interference or any un wanted removal of the cables.

The Core-security Stone Mini PC unit is supplied with keyed alike locks as standard, which helps with the key management on site.  The units are powder coated black as standard, but can come in several other colours on request.