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Twin headed 6mm cable
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Core Lapcable Twin

Features and Benefits

  • Bespoke cable length can be provided
  • Keyed alike or Master keyed available
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Two locking devices secured to a single fixing point
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective solution
  • Optional anchor point

Product Description

The Core Lapcable Twin is a Kensington style twin headed security cable that is a quick and easy anti theft deterrent.

Designed for locking down two objects such as a PC and TFT screen via one cable. Core Security offer a bespoke solution into the market place, where the secondary cable, can be made to a length that suites your requirements. Putting an end to all that extra unwanted cable, cluttering the work area.

By inserting the lock into any piece of equipment that has a security lock slot, simply loop around any immovable object to form an anchor point.  The Kensington style twin Lapcable is easy to transport and ideal  to carry with you, providing you a security solution at all times.


Additional Anchor point

Core Security can provide an additional anchor point where there is no suitable fixing point, to attach the cable.  This product can easily be attached to an array of surfaces, providing a locking point, that will not look out of place in any environment.





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