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Well Done Aston Villa

All at Core-Security Ltd would like to pass on their congratulations to Aston Villa football club.  Brilliant to see them back in the Premiership, and representing the City of Birmingham. Good luck next season, and lets hope its the start of a new chapter in their illustrious history.    


HP Mini Z2

With a buy price at around £1850 ex vat, can you afford to not secure your HP Mini Z2? The HP mini Z2 is a PC for CAD that delivers breakthrough power and versatility in a small and compact design. However the lid can be easily opened exposing all the internal parts. Core-Security Ltd have again been

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Kensington security slot lock adapter

Looking for cost effective way of secure additional equipment? Don’t forget that the Core security cable works with Kensington security slot lock adapter. This enables you to lock more than one piece of equipment using our Core security cable & HASP.  


HP Elite Desk

Looking for a bespoke solution, then Core-Security Ltd are the Company to speak too. We were asked for a bespoke solution to cage the HP ELITEDESK PC and Power supply in one unit. Customer sent us the PC so we could make sure no ports or controls were blocked, sent sample back for approval.  Once customer was

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HP security cage

One of our customers were after a cost effective solution to lock down their HP machines, to help them combat theft. They sent us the PC in and we came up with a quick and effective solution, which we turned around with in a week.  


NHS Samsung Tablet device

Core-security Ltd  are pleased to announce another successful bespoke roll out of 300 bespoke devices. The Hospital were about to deploy Samsung tablets throughout the hospital, but wanted a way to secure them, while giving the user full mobility. The part was an adaption of our IPad Harness, which we have already supplied with great success

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Re: General Data Protection Regulations – Legal Requirement On the 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will legally take effect.  As a business which holds personal data relating to your company, we are legally obliged to inform you of what data we hold for you and how we will / will

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