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Kensington Adaptor pad

Kensington Adaptor pad

Feature and Benefits

  • Strong adhesive backing
  • Very easy to install
  • Works with most cables
  • Flexible solution

Product Description

With more products becoming thinner in design, the lack of a security fixing point is becoming more regular.

Core security have over come this by the use of the Kensington Adaptor Pad. This extremely useful small adhesive pad which creates a fixing point for any security cable

.Ideal for when there is no security slot available, on the piece of equipment you want to secure.  Peeling the back off the adaptor pad, will reveal a shelf adhesive backing.  Simply clean the surface area, and if possible scuff the area too.  Press the Pad down hard onto the area that you wish it to sit, and leave for 12hrs for maximum bonding.  You now have a locking point for the Core-Security 6mm Lapcable, fix cable around secure point such as radiator or table leg.


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